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Rossman Lake is serene & relaxing it's truly the place to be to getaway, to relax and to dream. Watch the northern lights cascade across the night sky, count the stars and let the lightening bugs light your way.

Rossman Lake Golf Club

The resort features a 9-hole golf course with a club house, restaurant, swimming area, boat launch, and playground.


Town of Rossburn

Rossman Lake is only a 10-minute drive to Rossburn, a small Manitoba village with all the necessities of rural living. Rossburn has a police department, hospital, fire department, pharmacy, post office, grocery store, clothing store, liquor vendor, laundromat, and much more.


Riding Mountain National Park

Rossman Lake is situated near Riding Mountain National Park. The beauty and splendor of the region make this a popular place to visit and live.


Parkland Tourism

There's so much to see and do throughout the region. Find out more about at:


Gone Scrappin' in Bloom

A unique gift and flower shop with scrapbooking supplies and a speciality cafe. Definitely a must stop!


Kitko Photography & Dezign